Welcome to the New Utah 3DS Website

Welcome to the new home of Utah3DS.com! With Utah 3DS StreetPass approaching it’s 5 year anniversary, we thought it was time to update our simple website on blogger, to something a little more. For our regular visitors, you’ll still find the same content that you looked for before, including a list of Upcoming Utah 3DS events in a much easier cleaner format, with Google Calendar and iCal export support.

We’ll also continue to post important news and information concerning Utah 3DS and other video game news in the Utah 3DS News section. Here we plan to post event updates, event roundups, new podcast episodes, video game deals, and maybe even a video game rumor or two.

Speaking of our podcast, information on the GAME & LISTEN podcast can still be found here. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on your favorite service so you can get new episodes when they’re available.

If you’re new to Utah 3DS StreetPass, we’d love you to participate in the community, whether that’s through attending one of monthly events, listening live and chatting with the hosts on GAME & LISTEN, or by joining our Facebook Group – Utah 3DS Gaming Corner – where you can connect, chat, and share with other Utah 3DS members.

If you’d like to get a hold of the staff of Utah 3DS StreetPass, check our the Utah 3DS Contact Us page and fill out the form and submit any questions, comments, concerns, or whatever to us. We’d love to hear from you.

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