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Welcome to the Utah Nintendo Community (UNC) Facebook Group, part of Utah Nintendo CommunityUtah’s largest Nintendo Fan Community! We’re happy you found us, and hope that you enjoy participating in the group. All Nintendo fans living in Utah or who have moved from Utah are welcome to join the community, so if you know anyone that would be interested in the group, feel free to add them. The admins for this group are Chris Bennion and Sharann Hansen — please message them at any time if you have any comments, questions, or concerns.

Anyone is free to post about Nintendo and other video games related topics. Before posting or making comments, please read some of the rules for the community. If you have any questions about if something is ok to post, feel free to contact an admin:

Posting General Topics, Discussions, Comments, Memes, etc.

  • When it comes to posts or comments — do not post anything offensive or inappropriate. Utah Nintendo Community is a diverse community made up of people from all walks of life. While outside of the community we may have differing opinions on politics, religion, lifestyle, etc., we are able to come together in our common love of Nintendo, their products, and characters.
  • This is a family-friendly community, so please limit foul language and do not post inappropriate images or videos directly to the group with excessive violence or sexual material.
    • You may still post things like articles or videos that would normally be considered inappropriate, but please post a link as well as an appropriate NSFW tag and a quick description of what follows.
  • While the admins will be looking at every post and trying to watch comments on every thread, we do miss things. If you feel that a post or comment is inappropriate, you can either tag an admin in the comments of that post, or you can send them a PM.

Posting about news and updates about Nintendo games and hardware:

  • When posting about recent news update or discussion topic, be sure to skim recent posts here in the group to make sure someone else has not already posted the same thing or similar.
  • Avoid posting images, videos, or comments that would be considered spoilers for a game. Generally, spoilers are considered something that Nintendo has not officially shown or announced through trailers or images that they have not shown to the public through trailers or images. Spoilers would include information about important points or surprise events in the story, outfits, items, characters and bosses, and anything that has otherwise not been officially shown by Nintendo. If you

Posting Items for Sale

  • No scalping! The Utah Nintendo Community is a is a community that tries to help each other out, it’s not here to try and make a profit off of someone. When it comes to items that are still available at retail locations, but hard to find (e.g. the NES / SNES Classic edition, Switch consoles, etc.), please list it for what you paid (cost+shipping+handling, etc.). Otherwise, please find other outlets to try and sell your items. Any posts with items for sale excessively above their MSRP will be removed.
  • When posting an item for sale please include:
    • A clear title and description
    • A picture of the item
    • A price
    • A location of where the item(s) is available for pick-up
  • To help figure out what you should price an item for, you have a few tools.
    • For more recent hardware and software, check GameStop.com to see what your item is selling for used on their site, as well as what they offer for trade and price somewhere in the middle.
    • For older/retro products (basically, anything released during the GameCube / Game Boy Advance era and before), go to eBay.com, search for your item, then use the Filter tool to see only “Sold” and “Completed” items to get an idea of what people are currently paying for that item. Figure out an average price, then take off at least 15% (fees that an eBay seller would pay) of that average to come to a fair price to sell your item for.
    • If you have any questions about what a fair price is for your item, please contact Chris.
  • Utah Nintendo Community does not support piracy. Period. Items that have been modified to work differently than their intended purpose are not allowed and will be removed if posted. These items include, but are not limited to:
    • Hard/soft-modded hardware
    • Flash Cartridges
    • Reproduction cartridges of games officially published by Nintendo or third parties