Welcome to the Utah Nintendo Community! We’re happy you found us! 

What is the Utah Nintendo Community?

The Utah Nintendo Community (UNC for short) is a fan community of Utah residents who have a love for any and all things Nintendo. Our community is home to Nintendo fans new and old alike, with some being fans since Nintendo’s first appearance in the arcade, to those more recently being introduced to Nintendo through the Nintendo Switch.

UNC tries to provide a family-friendly environment for Utah Nintendo fans to connect virtually (through Facebook and other social media platforms), as well as in-person (through frequent events held in the Salt Lake City area). Whether you’re looking for a 4th teammate for your Splatoon 2 squad, needing some peaches in Animal Crossing, or just wanting to make friends with other Nintendo fans, then the UNC can help!

How do I join or participate in the Utah Nintendo Community?

Here are a few ways that you can start connecting with other UNC members right now:

  • Join the Utah Nintendo Community Facebook Group
    • The official UNC Facebook Group is a Closed group with currently over 500 members all from Utah. The community is a great place to post topic discussions, news and updates about Nintendo games and hardware, as well as find people to play multiplayer games with. You can also list Nintendo games, hardware or related items for sale. To join the group, go the Utah Nintendo Community Facebook Group page and click “Join Group”. An admin will quickly make sure that you’re from Utah and then allow you to join the group. It’s that simple! Once you’ve joined, please read the “Pinned Post” that welcomes new members and gives them important information about posting in the community
  • Like and Follow the UNC Facebook Page
    • Like and Follow the Utah Nintendo Community Facebook page and you’ll receive updates on future UNC and UNC sponsored events in your Facebook news feed. To follow, go to the UNC Facebook page and click the “Like” button. If you want to be sure to see UNC posts as soon as they’re posted, hover your mouse over the “Following” button (next to the like button), and select “See First” under “In your news feed”.
  • Follow UNC on Twitter – @UtahNintendo
  • Follow UNC on Instagram – @UtahNintendo
    • We’ve only been on Instagram for a few months now, so we’re still getting used it. We’ll post event updates there too, as well as other fun pictures on Instagram. Follow UNC on Instagram @UtahNintendo

Did you know that Utah Nintendo Community was originally a StreetPass community called Utah 3DS StreetPass? Or that we ran a few successful Super Smash Bros. tournaments for Salt Lake Comic Con? Learn more about Utah Nintendo Community on our About page.